1 - Do I have to complete an application form? 




2 - In the English Proficiency field of the application form, it is possible to “attach a document certifying the official language of your University”. What document do you need?




3 - I still do not have the Bachelor degree. The application form allows me to apply, provided that I upload some “supporting document indicating that the Bachelor is expected before the application deadline set by the Italian Embassy”. When is such a deadline?




4 - Regarding the previous question, what kind of document do I need to provide?




5 - The online application form accepts only pdf files, but I have documents in other formats. What can I do?




6 - What is the "Scale of the final grade of the Bachelor" in the application form?




7 - What is the transcript required in the application form?




8 - What is the Grade Point Average (GPA) in the online application form?




9 - How do you define the "Length of Study"?




10 - In the application form there is a note near the address line indicating "To be used in the pre-enrollment statement for the Italian Embassy/Consulate". What do you mean?




11 - Which courses does MSc in Food Safety and Food Risk Management offer?




12 - In your educational syllabus there are some elective courses. What does it mean?




13 - I observed that the amount of work in each course is measured in credits. What is the meaning of a credit?




14 - What kind of examinations will I have to take in Food Safety and Food Risk Management?




15 - How do I get to the University and its main offices?




16 - How do I contact the University?




17 - What are the term dates for the Master of Science in Food Safety and Food Risk Management?




18 - What do you mean by “Official language”?




19 - Which English language certifications do you accept?




20 - Do I have to take an admission test to apply for the Master of Science?




21 - Can I be admitted even if I do not meet the English requirements, under condition that I take an English course in Parma?




22 - Can I visit the University?



23 - How do I get to the University?



24 - Where can I find more information about general facilities?




25 - How do I find suitable accommodation?




26 - Which documents do I need to enter Italy?




27 - Is there a pre-application fee?




28 - Do you have any facilities for students with disabilities?




29 - Which sports facilities are available?




30 - When and how must I send my academic records to the University? Where can I find an overview of the courses?




31 - Can you provide me with accommodation?




32 - How much does it cost to live in Parma?




33 - I received a pre-enrollment statement from the University of Parma. What do I have to do now?




34 - What is the DOV?



35 - Can you give me the permission to apply for the visa without DOV?




36 - Do I need the DOV to apply for my visa?




37 - I currently live in Italy. What is the procedure to apply to the master course?




38 - Do you have any scholarships for foreign students?




39 - Can I start in the second semester?




40 - What are the term dates for the next Academic year?




41 - I cannot attend the first lectures. Is it a problem?




42 - I’m enrolled in the Master of Science in Food Safety and Food Risk Management at Parma and I’m ready to reach Italy with all necessary documents. When should I come?



43 - I will soon graduate. Can I submit my online pre-application meanwhile?




44 - I was accepted in the previous academic year, but I could not attend your courses. Can I use the pre-enrollment statement for this academic year?




45 - Do I need a visa to study in Parma?