For any problems related to Residence Permit, finding accommodation in Parma, using websites or filling in  forms written in Italian etc.  you can contact the “WELCOME OFFICE ” (SERVIZIO ACCOGLIENZA), Address: Polo Grossardi, Vicolo Grossardi 4, ground floor and first floor (in the centre of town), email: , Telephone: +39 0521 904150; +39 0521 904632, contact person Mrs Tiziana Cordaro. The welcome office web site is where you find information in English at the bottom of the page.

A comprehensive 2018-19 university guide for foreign students  is the “welcome package for erasmus and international students”, which can be downloaded together with other general university information at the link

HOW TO GET THE RESIDENCE PERMIT ("Permesso di Soggiorno")

Within 8 working days of the arrival date in Italy the foreign student must request  the “Permesso di soggiorno” (Residence Permit) for study purposes.


To do this,  you must get the “Residence Permit Kit” (“Kit per il Permesso di Soggiorno”), an envelope with a yellow band containing forms, instructions, and a payment slip. You can get the kit at any Post Office offering the service “Sportello amico” (“Friendly help desk”): please ask in any Post Office directions to find the closest office offering the service, or go to the Central Post Office, address: Via Carlo Pisacane, 1,  in the center of Parma. Once you have the kit, please follow the English instructions to fill-in the residence permit forms at:

After completing the actions explained in the kit instructions, you must buy a “marca da bollo” for 16 euros (a stamp duty)  from any tobacconist shop (“tabaccheria”) and attach it to the filled forms in the kit.

The completed kit must be submitted to a Post Office:  there you will be asked to show the passport and pay 137 euros (approx.).  You will also be given a postal receipt and a letter with details of an appointment date for the Immigration Office of the Questura (Police Headquarters – Immigration Office), in via Chiavari, 15 – Parma, where the Residence Permit will be finally issued.

That postal receipt is an important piece of document,  as it proves that you are legally in Italy and it replaces the Residence Permit until that is officially issued. The receipt must always be with your passport.
A convenient Post Office to submit the filled kit is found at this address:  Strada Quarta, 6 – Parma (PR).
It is close to the Revenue Agency Office where the “Codice fiscale” is issued (see next section),  so submitting the kit and getting the code can be done at one time.

The University website has also an info page on how to get the Residence permit.

HOW TO GET THE TAX NUMBER ("Codice Fiscale")

The “Codice Fiscale” (Tax code) is a taxpayer unique identification code that is used in all interactions with government agencies and public administrations in Italy. It is similar to the National Insurance number (NI) in the UK or the Social Security Number (SSN) in the US.  It is a 16 alphanumeric digit code.

The “Codice Fiscale” (CF) is issued by the “Agenzia delle Entrate” (the Italian Revenue Agency).

To get this important code you must go to the  Parma  Revenue Agency office presenting a valid identity card or passport with a valid visa or the Residence Permit or the postal receipt proving that a Residence Permit application was submitted (see above).  At the moment of the request, the Revenue Agency Office issues a certificate with your CF code.

The Revenue Agency office in Parma is found at this address:  Strada Quarta  6/A, – Parma (next to the Post Office: see previous section).


All classes and other academic activities of the course in Food Safety and Food Risk Management are held on Campus. University of Parma. Classes and activities of the 2nd year will be held at University of Piacenza, Modena e Reggio or Bologna depending on the chosen curriculum.

The Campus, officially named “Parco Area delle Scienze”, is located six kilometers south of the city centre and is reached by a bus service (no. 7, 14 or 21) in 15-20 min from the city centre. Classes of the 1st year are held in Room C, Pharmacy Building, Parco Area delle Scienze, 27/a.


Non-EU prospective students who applied and received an email or a letter of acceptance from the Admission Committee of the Master’s of Food Safety and Food Risk Management at the University of Parma are eligible as students of that course. If they got their pre-enrollment from an Italian Embassy/Consulate they can enroll with no need of further actions by the University.

The enrollment procedure is the same for all the courses of the University of Parma and is almost entirely online. However, since some of the online procedure instructions are in Italian, students enrolling in Food Safety and Food Risk Management (taught in English) may find it more convenient to go to the Registry Office (Office name: “Segreteria Studenti di Scienze degli Alimenti e del Farmaco”. Address: Parco Area delle Scienze, 23 – Campus universitario – Parma. Phone:  +39 0521 905122, e-mail: to get assistance in submitting the documents.

Note that before going to the Registry Office for enrollment, it is necessary to apply for the Residence Permit (“Permesso di soggiorno”) and to get the Tax Code (“Codice Fiscale”), as explained above.

The step for enrollment following the online procedure is the payment of the first installment of the tuition fee (see: The payment can be made in any bank using a special form (MAV) that can be found at the end of the online enrollment procedure and printed, or issued by the Registry Office. Payment can also be made by using one of the major international Credit Cards.

The enrollment procedure should be performed duly on time to be able to attend classes from the very first lectures.
Attendance to all lectures, including the first ones, is a fundamental requirement..


We will next describe the main locations of the FS&FRM course.
The above slide (1/4) shows where we are on Campus. In particular, it shows the location of the Department of Food and Drug, where the FS&FRM teaching classes are located.

The above slide (2/4) shows the location of the on-campus Students’ Registry Office. Students are required to report to the Students’ office for registration and any non-conventional study plan matters.

The above slide (3/4) shows how far the Parma city center (north, top of page) is from Campus (south, page bottom) and lists the busses that connect Campus to the center (main railway station).

The above slide (4/4) shows Parma city center, and highlights the main University building (where most of the administration resides, along with the oldest classrooms).