1st YEAR - Lesson "ZERO" and 1st Semester Lessons Timetable

a.a. 2020/2021 – First semester

International and Interuniversity MSc Course in Food Safety and Food Risk Management


On the base of the guidelines by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and with the aim to protect health of students, professors, staff and the whole community, our University has decided to offer both online and face-to-face courses to students for fall/winter 2020-2021.


Lectures will start on Monday 12 October 2020.

Lesson “ZERO“ will take place on Monday 12 October 2020, at 08.00 in Classroom “Q” of the “Aule delle Scienze” Complex - Parco Area delle Scienze (Campus Universitario). The “Aule delle Scienze” Complex is located immediately to the right after the Campus entrance from Via Langhirano (to help you in finding the place, you can find a Conad supermarket and a Cinema just nearby the entrance of the Campus).


Lessons timetable is available at the following link. http://agendastudenti.unipr.it/index.php?view=easycourse&include=corso&_lang

where you can find information about the classroom where the face-to-face lessons are held and the link to the Elly platform in order to follow the online lecture  by using Microsoft Teams platform. The timetable is being finalized, so a frequent consultation is advisable. The University has developed an App for booking classroom seats for students who are willing to take face-to-face lessons


1^ Year – 1^ Semester - Lessons timetable




How the lecture is delivered


Prof.ssa Miglio


Face-to-face and remote

Exposure assessment and risk/benefit evaluation

Prof. Brighenti


Face-to-face and remote

Food Toxicology

Prof.ssa Favari


Face-to-face and remote

Food Microbiology – lessons

Prof.ssa Bernini


Face-to-face and remote

Food Microbiolgoy – Lab

Prof.ssa Bernini


Only in presence

Food Technology

Prof.ssa Paciulli


Face-to-face and remote